Q. Can I purchase and use an iTunes card for the US store if I don’t live in the USA?
A. Yes! Creating a US iTunes account is possible regardless of where you live. No US credit card or residence needed! This will work  anywhere in the world.

Q. Why do I want a US iTunes account?
A. Having a US iTunes Store account allows you to access all of your favorite US TV shows, movies, and music unrestricted. The best selection of content is here.

Q. How can I create a US iTunes account if I don’t live in the US?
A. Instructions for this can be found on google, and provided upon request by contacting us.

Q. Why buy from USGiftCodes.com?
A. We have been emailing iTunes gift cards to satisfied customers since 2007. We are reliable and the bottom line is that our codes work. Some other sellers offer too good to be true prices, but their codes could freeze your account and content because they are hacked. Don’t take that risk, we provide only working authorized Apple iTunes codes and maintained 100% positive feedback while on eBay.

Q. Is USGiftCodes.com secure?
A. Yes. All of your payment information is transmitted through paypal.com. We do not collect or store any financial data. The sign up and account pages on our server used to access your code after your purchase are encrypted and secured by 2048 bit SSL technology.

Q. Where is my code sent?
A. Your newly purchased voucher will be sent to your email address.

Q. How soon will I get my code?
A. New customer’s usually receive their code within 18 hours of purchase. Our returning customers receive their codes as fast as lightning 🙂

Q. How can I pay?
A. We accept all major credit cards through PayPal for a convenient, secure, and fast way to purchase.

Q. Prices are listed in USD, but I use a difference currency. Example: EUR, GBP, AUD… Can I still buy?
A. Yes! During checkout Paypal will automatically convert your local currency to the correct amount in USD.

Q. Why does registration require a valid phone number?
A. Some orders require order verification and we do this by phone. This is to protect our customers from fraud and identity theft. In order to verify a purchase is authorized, we will sometimes contact the purchaser to confirm they are the true account holder before their codes are released. This is a fast and simple process.

Q. I’m ready to purchase a Gift Card! Where do I go?
A. Our products are listed on the main page and broken down by category. Our most popular item are US iTunes Gift Cards. Just select Add to Cart or Buy It Now and follow the checkout process to purchase.

10 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I can’t seem to find your feed back link. I would like to say at first I was abit iffy about the site. I got my iTunes gift card in a few hours as stated in the FAQ as I was a new customer. I would recommend this site as it is a good honest & great site. Hope you all the best on your new website.

  2. First time buying Gift Cards online, therefore, I was a little reluctant.Worked really excellent and price-wise fair. Will be back – for sure.

  3. I am a new customer – if I order is it possible to get the giftcard within the hour?



    • Yes, most new and existing customers will have their iTunes code delivered by email in a just a few minutes. Only in some circumstances will the transaction require a manual review, and even then we try to have it delivered within a few hours.

    • Sometimes our emails do land in junk folders, but we are always working to tweak our email server to make sure they end up in the main inbox. Lately, we have had some issues with hotmail, but I believe that is resolved now.

  4. Well, first time in my entire life to purchase a Code online, whether its a serial number or itunes gift card..

    what I can say:

    1- Professional
    2- Fast & Reliable
    3- Promising discounts (Please add this)

    • Thank you for the remarks! Glad your first experience was with us. We are working on a special newsletter that will go out a few times a year, and we hope to run some promotions, discounts, and contests for US iTunes gift cards.