About us

Who we are:
USGiftCodes.com is a small US based company started by 2 people who are passionate about music, movies, and entertainment. We are dedicated to providing great products, fast responses, and a very reliable service. Originally started on eBay, we are now proud to sell our products on this website directly at great prices to fellow entertainment lovers. USGiftCodes was founded because US retailers and the US iTunes Store do not allow international credit cards to be used to purchase gift cards. Our goal is to provide everyone access to the great digital content available in the US iTunes Store and US Playstation and Microsoft stores. Our prices are slightly over face value in order to cover our costs of securing the cards and providing the digital delivery service.

For more information on our service, please check out How It Works.


What we sell:

We offer emailed US iTunes Gift Card Code Vouchers, PlayStation Network (PSN) codes, and xBox Live cards.

Our top selling products are our US iTunes Gift Cards with email delivery.

USA iTunes Certificates are for sale in $10, $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations.
USA Playstation Network (PSN) Cards are for sale in the $20 and $50 denominations.
xBox Live 12 Month Gold subscription cards are available and work worldwide.
All of our cards are directly purchased from authorized Apple, Microsoft, and Sony distributors. This allows us to guarantee that every code will work 100%, and not cause any problems with your account.


Our two founders (Erika and Andy) have experience selling iTunes cards dating all the way back to 2007. Over the past 6 years we have managed multiple successful eBay businesses specializing in emailed codes worldwide. To date we’ve completed 10,000+ successful transactions to satisfied buyers living in over 100 different countries. Some eBay honors include Top Rated Seller status, Titanium PowerSeller status, 4.9+ DSRs, and 100% positive feedback.


We can be reached anytime by email and usually respond within hours. To contact us please check out the support page.

14 thoughts on “About us

  1. great – love this site and will try out your services as soon as you register me. looking forward to expand my iTunes collection without being hampered by Apple’s ridiculous internationalization policy.

    • I am glad to have you as a customer! Thanks for buying a US iTunes Gift card code from us! Enjoy the iTunes credit and come back for more itunes cards anytime, we are always stocked up.

    • Thank you for buying an iTunes gift card Alex! I appreciate the recommendations, please send them all over to us to

  2. iTunes cards in my country the sell like hot cakes with 10% increase ! I will definitely recommend your site to my friends.
    thank you for the fast responses to my order
    all the best

    • Thanks Renier! I’m happy to provide our iTunes gift card service worldwide! We love to see satisfied customers and it’s cool to see customers from all over the globe using the service.

  3. Hi guys, great service at fair price. I have ordered several times now and it has always worked perfectly! I can recommend your service to all

    Greetings from Germany

    • Your comments on your iTunes gift card US purchase are appreciated 🙂 I really appreciate you recommending our site to your other friends in Germany and anywhere else! Thank you Barbara!

  4. Hey!! Congratulations for your job! It was the first time i purchased and within few hours i received the valid code via email! I am sure i will purchase again with you!

    #### people who are thinking to purchase or not to purchase, buy it with no fear, it wors, it’s fast, it’s safe####

  5. As a first time buyer it took few hours to get my codes but everything was fine and I will return again.
    I had a small problem with the phone authentication (my fault) but it was solved very quick.
    Highly recommended!

  6. I’m so impressed. Turnaround time for my US iTunes gift card was 2 minutes. Brilliant!! My 2nd time ordering and all I can say is WOW!!!